CAGA24: The Conference of AG Animation 2024

The (R)Evolution of Animation: Current Challenges and Future Directions

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The conference aims to delve into the rapid evolution and the ecological, political, ethical and technological challenges of animation, investigating the factors that have propelled its growth and examining the obstacles it currently faces. 

Why Attend:

  • Engage with fellow professionals, researchers, and industry practitioners.
  • Discover novel approaches to visual storytelling and character development.
  • Stay informed about emerging trends and opportunities in the animation sector.
  • Establish valuable connections for potential research collaborations and industry partnerships.

The 7th Conference of AG Animation 2024 promises to be an inspiring and enlightening event that bridges the gap between academia and industry within the dynamic realm of animation. Participants can look forward to enriching their knowledge, expanding their networks, and leaving with fresh perspectives that will shape the future of animation.

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Cells of Knowledge - by Cosimo Morelli

Join us for CAGA

We invite scholars, artists, curators and more to sign up for the CAGA24 conference and join us for an enriching two days on September 10 to 11.

We've invited artists, researchers, academics, and practitioners alongside our keynote speakers to help us shed light on historical and current challenges in animation studies, art and industry as well as on the future directions of this ever-evolving field.